Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm back!

After a ridiculously long hiatus, I have returned! Of course, over the past year and a half I moved to a new state, finished my master's degree, bought a house and a minivan, and had another baby. So what is to become of this blog? For now, it's a collection of things I've gathered that inspire me. Cool craft blogs. Tutorials I want to try. Projects I'm working on. Amazing photography. Food for thought. Recipes that look manageable but amazing. Organizing tips. Cool happenings in my area (Chandler, AZ). Who knows! Have something you think might interest me? Please let me know!

For now, here is an amazing blog I stumbled across tonight and two projects I'm already dying to do.

lil luna button

1. Silhouette pictures of my kids!

 This is actually cardstock on scrapbook paper (as opposed to glass etching or something complicated). Yeah, I think I can manage that. I probably won't hang them from a board but simply incorporate them into our growing "family is forever" wall display.

2. Temple block
Wood block, picture, modge podge and ribbon. She includes a variety of images on her site for you to choose from if you're not AZ local :o)

Check out her site and find something that inspires you!