Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help me win!

So, I've taken a break from giveaways for the past few months, though I did manage to still win a lip smoothing salon pack from the one I did splurge my time on. I stumbled across this one and have decided that I HAVE to win!

I want these:
So I'm blogging about the great giveaway of a $100 giftcard to eye buy direct, courtesy of "Livin' in a Little White House"

I'd tell you all to go enter, but I really NEED new glasses! Having a toddler has been a little rough on the eye wear around here--my frames are scratched to nearly opaque and Eric's have been redesigned for a more angled face...

...or a cyclops.

Here's hoping I win!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You're Invited!

Thanks to everyone who's expressed interest :o) Want in? Call me to schedule a specific time. I'll see you there! I might even bring treats...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Projects

So I'm busy with school and packing and yardwork, which means I'm suddenly in the mood to get seriously crafty. Here are some new projects on the horizon. Interested? Let me know, we can make them together!

A toddler neck pillow, since his poor head flops around in his forward-facing car seat!

A toddler bag, so Scotty can carry his own gear and diapers instead of commandeering my purse!

Looking for something different? Check out this great site for easy step by step tutorials.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Portrait Party: continued

Our portrait party is in the works! We need to pick which day works best, so vote in the poll in the right side bar! Pick every day that will work for you.

The tentative plan is to meet at the waterfall area by the bell tower on BYU campus. Times will be available from approximately 4-7pm on the date of our choice, and you can either pick a specific slot or we can make it a come and go format. I'll bring treats, so come hang out!

Have any friends you think would be interested? Let me know!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Portrait Party: update

Ok, I think I'm really going to do this :o) BUT, I need a few more people, so let me know if you're interested! Sorry that the previous link didn't work--please check out her work and see for yourself.

Shanda's new site! You can catch a glimpse of my cute boy (and even a shot of me) in her gallery.

Want great pictures for super cheap? post a comment. let me know.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Portrait Party

So, I found a great photographer through Craig'slist this past week! She's trying to expand her portfolio and get business going, so she offered me a free half hour session and 5 images on CD. I figured I had nothing to lose, but I had no idea I would get such great pictures FOR FREE! I do have an adorable son, but still, these are super professional--and Scotty just threw rocks into Utah Lake for the entire session.

I think her work is so great, and I know many of you are looking to get affordable pictures of your cute kids, so I'm thinking of hosting a portrait party. Here's how it works. I pick a location and invite my friends (and their kids). Every guest gets a free 20 minute shoot, including individuals or groups as needed, without paying any session fees! You can bring any people or props you wish, and photos will be edited and posted to a secure site within a week.

There is no pressure to buy any
of the portraits taken!


Guests can purchase a CD with their images
5 images - $15
10 images - $25
15 images - $35
20 images - $45
all images - $55


8 wallets - $10
4x6 - $10
5x7 - $10
8x10 - $15
11x14 - $20

I might even make it more of a party and provide food and treats to keep us entertained. Anyone interested? Let me know! I have to have at least four people to schedule...

check out her website as well!

P.S. if you want to see Scotty's pics, let me know and I'll email you a link.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Art Day (Provo)

Tuesday, June 10th, BYU's Museum of Art is hosting a Family Art Day!

The event is free from 10am-3pm.

The colorful visual puzzles and mind-bending optical tricks of Walter Wick, author and photographer of the popular “I Spy” and “Can You See What I See?” children’s books, are the inspiration for this year’s Family Art Day celebration.

Family Art Day will feature games and activities based on the images of Wick’s imaginative and playful world presented in the museum’s current exhibition of his work, “Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos, and Toys in the Attic.”

Families with children of all ages are invited to this free event. For more information about Family Art Day, contact the Museum of Art at (801) 422-8287 or visit the museum’s Web site at