Sunday, March 15, 2009

A preview...

I'm crafting again. Thanks to Linds for passing this great idea on to me....and congrats to my friends with adorable little girls and to my husband's genetic programming for letting me make dresses for your cute girls as I have none of my own :o)

Here is the pattern/instruction link and her cute little girl showing off her new look.

If you are interested in learning how to sew this is a great starter project! You use the back part of the shirt for a pre-made bodice, the front part for pre-sewn buttons, and elastic in a simple casing for ruffled sleeves. All it requires you to sew are a few hems. You can get as fancy or as basic as you want by adding trim!

Here are the BEFORE shots of my handiwork:




Ok, I wasn't going to post this yet (surprise!) but they're just too cute.
So, here are the two I've finished.

Am I amazing, or what? (trust me--they're just THAT easy.)

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Lindsay & Nick said...

They are seriously cute huh? I'm hoping for a girl this time, or at least one of my 4 friends that are pregnant right now to have a girl so that I can make one. I've been dying to make one since they are SO CUTE! They look great! I'm glad to hear they really are that easy.. they need to be for me to be able to make them! If you look around in that link, you can find a link to little pants that can be made from the sleeves you cut off. They look a little different, but still cute, they're capris with buttons up the side where the cuffs are. :)