Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I was reading Reader's Digest this weekend when I saw it: the list of the 10 germ-iest places in your house. Some I expected but a few shocked me, and led to my morning cleaning adventures. I cleaned probably the dirtiest thing I have ever cleaned in my life: a vacuum cleaner.

Have you ever cleaned yours? Like, REALLY cleaned it? In a national study, 1/3 of vacuum cleaners tested positive for salmonella. If you ever vacuum your kitchen floor, or any food particles, the bacteria lives and grows inside your vacuum cleaner. Then, when you vacuum your house, you spread that bacteria everywhere! GROSS!

I thought it was time to take action. I took out all the filters, cleaned all the dirt out, and soaked them for a few minutes in a diluted bleach solution. The article recommended doing this once a month--and don't forget to clean the wheels! It took a little time, but it was oddly satisfying to get rid of all that gunk. Besides, I bet my vacuum cleaner will work much better next time I turn it on!

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Brittany said...

Vacuums are the worst to clean but once you do, they work so much better. They contain so much grime and dirt, they create more of a mess than clean up one! It is also very important to do an annual spring cleaning just to let all the new beautiful springtime freshness in and all the bad germs out!

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