Wednesday, December 31, 2008

After Christmas Shopping and the Freebie Blogger

So I'm on vacation from nearly everything in my life, so blogging hits low on the priority list. Still, I have to mention this: I have a bargain shopping addiction. I'm on a super low budget, so I'm pretty good at not spending money, but I have to wander through the mall instead of the dollar store as preventative medicine. Why does it seem so much easier to NOT buy a $40 shirt than a $1 bag of candy?

I generally avoid great sales when I don't have the money. Still, I wandered through Kohl's this last week and loved their clearance clearance sales. Any clearance item was off an extra 30%, so instead of $10, it's $ sis-in-law picked up an adorable jacket for $2.40....

If there is any item you need, shop now while even the sale stuff is discounted!

For other great deals and finds, check out this site, the Freebie Blogger. Everyday she posts free things, from free music downloads, to free printable handouts for teachers, to free coupons or promotional codes. She doesn't have a button yet so it's not in the sidebar, but seriously, check it out!

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sarah roberts said...

hey i guess it is good to be addicted to something that doesn't affect your family in a negtive way- right? I wish I weren't addicted to food- it is expensive