Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shade Clothing

Shade Clothing. I credit them as the saving grace of my wardrobe, for infusing modesty and class into all of my fun shirts that just don't cover everything! I have THREE (yes, THREE) white cap sleeve shirts and could use another one...I also have a pink capsleeve, three cami's (black, brown, light blue), two baby tees, and two shirts.

When it comes to undershirts and layering, these are hands down the best! They always cover everything I need to. They're always long enough but without getting baggy or bulgy. Best of all, the necklace stays flat against my skin when I lean forward--no worries! I even wore my undershirts throughout my entire pregnancy; they stretched to fit all nine months and then shrunk right back to still fit my post-baby bod.

Ready for the great news? Shade Clothing is having a WAREHOUSE sale this weekend! Everything $3, $5, or $7. Sale runs at all store locations (there is a store in the University Mall in Orem, UT--check their website for other locations) as well as their warehouse in Pleasant Grove.

They are also hosting a $5 fundraiser sale at Provo High School (across the street from Zion's Bank on University Avenue in Provo, UT) on President's Day.

P.S. I'm heading to the warehouse sale on Saturday morning with my sis-in-law...see you there!

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