Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upcoming Crafts

I don't consider myself an "artsy" person (never ask me to draw anything!) but I am creative enough to muddle through some basic projects and feel good about them, as long as I don't get closer than a foot or two.

I'm looking for some new craft project ideas! Here is the next on my list. Interested? Let me know and I'll post tips and directions that I find. Have a great project you're working on? Let me know!

Crayon holder:how handy! all it takes is a little bit of fabric and a way to tie it closed. Great way to combine pencils, pens, crayons, etc. in the same small space.

In honor of the crafting, I found this great "Stash-busting" giveaway from quilters and crafters.There are tons of bloggers from all over the world giving away fabric--feel free to win a piece for yourself! It's a one-day only event (give or take due to time zones) for Wednesday, February 4th.

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Lindsay & Nick said...

check out this one. Isn't it cute?! I need to have a girl so I can have an excuse to make it!